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Bukalapak CEO: Our rivals may have a ton of money, but we’re ‘the most efficient’

How do you beat a competitor with pockets thousands of times deeper than yours? That was a predicament Bukalapak CEO Achmad Zaky faced during the company’s early days in 2012, when a “European player” entered Indonesia and started to flood the market with generous subsidies. “It made me sad. I thought Bukalapak was going to die because […]

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Bukalapak’s CEO: Indonesia needs more digital literacy

As a university student, Achmad Zaky was bitten by the entrepreneurship bug. While studying information technology at the Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), he launched his first business with a few friends — a chicken noodle stall. After just six months, the funds dried up and the business went bankrupt, opening Zaky up to launch […]

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For its next trick, Bukalapak will get Indonesia’s rural population to shop online

You may think of Bukalapak – Indonesia’s most recently minted unicorn – as an ecommerce company. But co-founder and CEO Achmad Zaky thinks it’s a lot more than that. “Ecommerce is just one of our businesses,” he said while being interviewed on stage at Tech in Asia Tokyo 2018 today. “We also have finance, as well as […]

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