King Coffee Roaster


The roasting time only takes approximately 20 minutes and you can roast up to 450 gr per batch.
Made from 100% copper, KingSumatra Coffee Roaster will do good to your body.

Copper known to benefit human body as it contains micro mineral like iron and zinc. It is also said possesses anti-oxidant properties which prevent free ions and radicals to enter human body.

So have this piece, on your kitchen!
Body Diameter : 15 cm
Handle Length: 15 cm


KingSumatra Coffee Roaster

After a long process of trial and error, we finally lunch our first hand coffee roaster that will complete your home café experience.
Design according the ergonomic principle, all the side is cover to ease the flipping process and to increase the air pressure.
You can order green coffee bean from your favorite supplier, an roast your coffee freshly when you want it!


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