Sumatra Coffee Bean 900 gr

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  • Region : Tanah Karo, Sumatra Utara
  • Altitude : 1.250m
  • Varietas : Arabika – Sigararutang
  • Processing Method : Full Wash
  • Roasting Profile : Medium Roast


If Aceh known with Gayo coffee bean, North Sumatra known for Sidikalang and Mandhailing coffee bean. Mandhailing and Sidikalang basically comes from 1 variety coffee named Sigararutang. But, both have different taste as they grow in different environment.

Sigararutang Coffee characteristics describe as: Low Acidity, Rounded Mouth-feel, and Fruity Sweetness. Grow in Berastagi, Tanah Karo, Sumatra Utara at 1.300 MASL, we only picked “red cherry” and continue with a fullwash method for the further process to bring the best quality green bean before the roasting process. Water percentage in our coffee bean guaranteed under 13% make it save for a long shelf-life.

Our farmers community is fully supported by Starbucks Farmer Support Center (FSC) and work closely with Starbucks Partner to enhance farmers’ knowledge in coffee farming and agriculture for a better production outcome and sustainable farming practices. Berastagi is the only one Starbucks’ FSC location in Indonesia from 9 Starbucks FSC in the world.

Berasatagi is widely known for its fertile soil that produce abundant vegetable, fruits, flowers, and coffee tree. As we bring our coffee bean directly from our farm to your roastery, we’ll make sure to give you the best price you can get in the market

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Weight 900 g


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